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EDUCATION MATTERS, established in 2003 is a leading professional international education consulting company. We apply an inspirational approach to the world of learning, successfully integrating the process of education and career counselling into a unified vision. Our head office is in Chennai-South India with company owned office in Hyderabad. Our work has the best wishes of His Excellency Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu and our Honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi. On our 10th Corporate and, Education Matters is privileged to receive a message of good wishes from Her Majesty the Queen of England.

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We call our workplace a playground for adults, we play hard and we play to win. Check out the awesome benefits we offer at Education Matters.

Be Surrounded By People Who Uplift You Every Day

At Education Matters, you meet a team of rebels and dreamers who are obsessed with our missions to empower Indians with a global qualification and a career. Something magical happens once you start bonding with our people: you find yourself leveling up too, in ways you may have never thought possible.

Want To Study A Book Or A Course? We’ll Get It For You

Colleagues who share our vision and are committed to it are supported immensely by Education Matters in their learning and development. Historically we have secured up to 100% scholarship for our colleagues to study at the world’s best universities, funded their online courses and for books on self-development. Our HR team is all ears for personal development plans

Honoring Parenting

The Most Important Job in the World: Education Matters honors the sanctity of parenting at all stages. If you have a child, we want you to be present for those magic moments with them! We offer a paid half day leave on your child’s birthday. On your parents anniversary we present them with a special video of messages from clients and colleagues, letting them know how your work impacts them positively

A compensation package

We offer a competitive compensation package and incentive plan. We recognize the need for a financial motivation and honor it. Prospective team members with a proven track record are offered a package to better their life style and financial aspiration. The incentives we offer encourage an entrepreneurship mid set

A Global Exposure

Colleagues are encouraged to visit our global university partners and learn firsthand of the benefits of a global education

An environment filled with surprises

TA goodie bag come along in every celebration at Education Matters

The Safety and Security

The health and wellbeing of our colleagues are of prime importance at Education Matters, all colleagues, whose employment status is confirmed at Education Matters are secured with accidental and medical insurances.

We encourage an Entrepreneurs mind set

What to start a business, come along learn from us and partner with us in your journey. We will help set up in unrepresented region to mentor young Indians to be globally ready

Opportunities for Professional Development

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln. We believe and invest extensively in the training and development of our team mates.

Our culture

We believe that the relevance of a J-O-B, a “TARGET” and “CAREERS” have evolved, so we designed a ground-breaking workplace that feels like a second home.
Our Environment is supportive, fun and growth driven. Get paid to play, create, learn and grow. Join a team of extraordinary warriors that shatter expectations, achieve unprecedented results, and drive massive innovation. Here’s what drives team “Education Matters”

Our team Members Associate with our Purpose

President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters for the first time in 1961. While touring the facility, he introduced himself to a janitor who was mopping the floor and asked him what he did at NASA. “I’m helping put a man on the moon!”— The janitor- The janitor got it. He understood the vision, his part in it, and he had purpose. Every member of the Education Matters team, gets our purpose right, they associate with our vision of “Mentoring Young Indians to be Globally Ready”. Every member is a part and has a purpose.

We Attract the outcome we deserve

Every Monday, we start the week with team members sharing thighs that went well last week, thighs they learned and things they are looking forward to this week. As a result we start the week with positivity, share success together and set the stage to attract the positive outcome we aim to achieve. We call this the Awesomeness Meet.

We measure the happiness index on a daily basis

We place a stack of tennis balls at the office exit and each day we ask our team members to throw the ball into one of the two buckets. One bucket is for “ I had a good day” and the other for “I had a bad day”. Our team members anonymously reflect daily, this help them appreciate good days and vent the bad ones. Also by measuring the good/bad we get indicators of when corrective actions are to be taken

We learn and celebrate the success of our competition

Strange but true, we respect our competition and celebrate their success. We appreciate good work, model them and set our selfless to better it.

Learning form the leaders

We are surrounded by colleagues from some of the world best universities may of who are teaching faculty, parents from different socio economic backgrounds, we believe that there is a lot to learn from them and get inspired. Very often our team members engage in learning sessions by inviting to share their life experience. Lifelong learning, is the way of life at Education Matters

Dare to try award

Education Matters see failure as the first step to success, we encourage our colleagues to try new way and means of achieving our objectives, if the idea fails, we celebrate the effort and present the member with the “Dare to try award”

We honor and celebrate Parenting

Education Matters honors the sanctity of parenting at all stages. If you have a child, we want you to be present for those magic moments with them! We offer a paid half day leave on your child’s birthday. On your parents anniversary we present them with a special video of messages from clients and colleagues, letting them know how your work impacts them positively

Humor, gratitude and appreciation.

Humor, gratitude and appreciation is the way of life at “Education Matters”. We practice gratitude daily among ourselves, our clients and our global partners. This culture instills in us the ability to improve productivity, enhance the mood of our colleagues, build stronger relationships and a happier work place. We take an effort to acknowledge people and this is beyond their task and goals, this apart, we also recognize the effort when things go wrong,

Departure is Celebrated at Education Matters

A team member leaving is natural, it happens from time to time. At Education Matters, we celebrate this occasion, with cards, gifts, kind words and a cake cutting. We respect the decision of team members and wish them well.

Bell of Achievement

All positive news at Education Matters is celebrated with ringing the bell of achievement. At this stage the work stops and the applause starts. Happy moments

Hear From our Alumni

Surya Prakash

Fanshawe College, Canada

"Your services have been excellent and as a token of thanks I have referred many of my friends to use your services. I am also delighted to inform that I have completed my masters meritoriously."

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